Pisco Sour

After a night of sipping fine Pisco courtesy of the Peruvian Embassy I realised this classic was missing from our list of classics.


The cocktail originated in Lima, Peru, invented by Victor Vaughn Morris, an American bartender, in the early 1920s. Morris left his native United States in 1903 to work in Cerro de Pasco, a city in central Peru. In 1916, he opened Morris’ Bar in Lima, and his saloon quickly became a popular spot for the Peruvian upper class and English-speaking foreigners. The oldest known mentions of the Pisco Sour are from a 1921 magazine attributing Morris as the inventor and a 1924 advertisement from Morris’ Bar published in a newspaper from the port of Valparaiso, Chile.




Chile and Peru both claim the Pisco Sour as their national drink, and each asserts exclusive ownership of both Pisco and the cocktail. Moreover, Peru celebrates a yearly public holiday in honor of the cocktail during the first Saturday of February. Nonetheless, beverage experts concur that both kinds of Pisco are completely distinct in both production and taste. Partially as a result of this controversy, the Pisco Sour holds notability as a topic of Latin American popular culture. Recipe ….


The ‘Pisco Sour’ 

50ml Pisco

25ml lime juice or lemon Juice (recommend a 50/50 mix)

20ml sugar syrup

1/2 an egg white

3-4 ice cubes

blend all

dash of bitters (Angostura or Peruvian Amargo bitters – below)


If you are shaking this you can use less sugar and more egg white. 






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