Sanjay’s Bombay Mama – Raffles – Singapore

Stevo checking in from Singapore…


Thought you might like this. Just been to the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel. Met a guy called Sanjay from New Delhi. Took him 14 years to get his “big break” and travel to Singapore. He has been working at the Long Bar for 2 years and in that time has made ‘exactly’ over several 1000 Slings :-)

I initially came for the Sling but then asked for something a bit different. He went off the menu and made me what he calls the ‘Bombay Mama’. He created it while working in New Delhi, but not for his Mama! He’s a very charming and entertaining guy you must pop in next time you are in Singapore. 

I look forward to drinking some Mama’s with you when i get back to the U.K.

‘Bombay Mama’

Bacardi Carta Blanca – 15ml

Malibu – 15ml

Crem de Banana – 15ml

Orange Juice – 45 ml

Pineapple Juice – 45ml

Grenadine – Dash

Garnish – Orange Slice

Glass – Collins


Method – Shaken with Ice

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